Cyclists Grumble Over Rumble Strips In Central Otago

The year 2017 cyclist road toll for Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago was zero, but cyclists are worried their luck may change because rumble strips are rolled out along the edges of many Otago state highways.

The road cyclists Alistair Madill, who from Wanaka and Marie Roxburgh from Cromwell, say that the rumble strips present on the roads, make riding to the left ride more dangerous for those cyclists who are being left with no shoulder to ride on. According to them, cyclists are being forced minimum of 600mm into the carriage way, which creates possibilities for more conflict with the motorists riding on the open road.
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Tyler Hamilton Admits To Triamcinolone

With the recent focus on doping charges that have come with several legendary riders like Lance Armstrong, many are coming forward with frank admittance of how they used dope and how it is still prevalent in the pro and amateur circles.

Tyler Hamilton is another instance of a rider who had faced doping charges and had ridden for the US Postal service. Having suffered conviction on such charges he remembers how he exploited corticosteroid Kenacort during his professional career.

Tyler Hamilton admitted to having used Triamcinolone which had been effective in helping him get rid of excess body weight as he prepared for the Grand Tours. This is the same substance that is reported to have been used by Sir Bradley Wiggins in therapeutic treatment for which there are ongoing reviews being done. Though at the time he was using the banned substance, stating that it was a prescription drug to treat allergies, there were others who did not escape and were found to have exploited the drug for its desirable effects on the body weight and for enhancing performance.

Wiggins had announced legal usage of the drug, but Hamilton did suffer a conviction for his usage. He is now 46 years of age and had been a pioneer in winning the cycling race of Monuments in 2003 as well as stages in the three cycling Grand Tours in his time.

However, doping tests were failed by him in the years 2004 and 2009. He also confessed to have cheated during his career when he faced a grand jury trial back in 2010. It should come as little surprise that Hamilton was also with Lance Armstrong and had guided him, helping him in gaining the first three wins in Tour de France. Hamilton recently admitted to have abused the banned substance that helped him to become lean for the Grand Tours.


In recent talks with Emma Pooley, the cyclist has spoken about her whereabouts on 12 June 2011.

Pooley has asked Dave Brailford and team sky to clarify their statement on the issue. The duo seems to have incorrectly alleged that Simon Cope, a member of the British cycling staff had brought a mystery package to Pooley in France when he had really been meeting with Bradley Wiggins to deliver a medical package to the cyclist at the criterium du dauphine in 2011.

Pooley had found herself on the receiving end of a media storm with her phones being attacked with a barrage of calls and text messages after an article about her was published regarding the matter in the Daily Mail. As an athlete, most of Pooley’s interviews had been about her performances, athletic achievements and her opinions about the state of women’s cycling but on this very occasion, the topic of interest was her whereabouts on 12 June.

Brailsford had told the Daily Mail that a member of the British cycling staff; Dave cope had travelled to France to meet Pooley, this was later reported by newspaper and was confirmed by the British cycling team and team sky that Dave had really gone to meet Pooley in France at the team’s request. The British cycling team has gone on to confirm that the package delivered by cope contained a medical substance.

However, there seem to be some discrepancies in the allegations as Pooley had been in Spain at that time and was participating in a women’s stage race hundreds of miles away from dauphine. Pooley has provided some details regarding her whereabouts on the particular day in question.

“The only thing I know is where I was on June 12th and I was obviously not meeting anyone from British cycling, anywhere. Certainly not Simon Cope at la tousirre. I was at a stage race in Spain losing the yellow jersey on a descent in the rain,” she said.

Commenting on the allegations by team sky and Brailford she added:

“iIt just looks bad for them. It’s at best silly and careless.”


A UK transport secretary may face prosecution for dooring a cyclist.

Chris Grayling who is currently the Transport Secretary had ‘doored’ cyclist Jaiqi Liu outside the Houses of Parliament Credit in October this year.

Responding to the incident, Cycling UK has offered to speak with the victim who was knocked off his bike by Grayling’s car door, and offer their service in case of a possible private prosecution.

Cycling UK, popularly referred to as the Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC), had pointed out that, under the Road Traffic Act, “car dooring” is a severe criminal offence. The organization expressed willingness to give legal assistance to Liu through its Cyclists’ Defense Fund (CDF).
“It’s a criminal offence to open any door of a vehicle on a road so as to injure or endanger anyone. Currently it’s treated as a minor offence with a maximum £1000 fine, despite the fact that people have been killed and seriously injured by car dooring.”

The company has shown commitment to ensure that Mr. Grayling is prosecuted for his offence, stating that the CDF is set to start private prosecutions on behalf of the injured cyclist.

Duncan Dollimore, Senior Road Safety and Legal Campaigns Officer for Cycling UK, said that he hoped the incident will make Grayling reconsider his attitude towards cycling infrastructure.

In an interview with Evening Standard, Grayling has publicly opined that he didn’t think all the cycle lanes in London have been designed as well as they should have been. However Cycling UK has advise the Department of Transport to fix this problem.

“It is within the DfT’s gift to devise and establish national design standards for cycle provision so that the risk of similar incidents to what happened between him and Mr. Liu are minimized by better infrastructure.”

David Tanner targeting high for the Brabantse Pijl

David Tanner will head IAM Cycling squad at the De Brabantse Pijl, looking to echo his 2015 functioning, with a improved result, when Aussie animated the 1.HC race with the winner Ben Hermans (BMC).

In 2015, Tanner ended in 30th place following the winning attack by Hermans He told that along with the Amstel Gold Race, La Flèche Brabançonne has been his most loved race ever since he became professional. The course just appeals to him.

He loves these short, stiff climbs for the puncheurs. As soon as they have to be climbing for more than 10 minutes, he is at a disadvantage.

Tanner began his season at Tour Down Under back in January before racing 3 Spanish stage races as well as Swiss 1 day Gran Premio Città di Lugano. With his retentions from previous year still saucy in the mind, the thirty-one year old is expecting that he could make improvements with a top result at the 205 kilometer race before Ardennes classics.

Tanner told that in the year 2015, the most recent time, he has raced there, he made just one mistake when he was out in a breakaway with Ben Hermans (BMC), who ended up being the solo champ. He was right there with him with less than 2 kms to go, and this is the story of his life. He has never been missing much to secure a prestigious victory. That is a trend he would like to change.

Cadel Evans to release autobiography on his Tour de France win, reports

Cadel Evans, the great ever cyclist from Australia, is penning an autobiography.

It has been reported that his new book will be released sometime later this year. It is believed that the retired BMC man is working hard on the book. It will offer, for the very first time, his thoughts into winning the Tour de France 2011 as well as the world championship in 2009.

A lot of sources are saying that the book would not just be his own story. Evens is really motivated to share the beauty of cycling and this very sport to an audience that is rapidly growing. In the past, Evans has unveiled a book named ‘Close to Flying.’ However, that was before he became the very first Aussie to win the most popular bike race in the world.

He still stays in Switzerland. There he is the brand ambassador for BMC but has a number of partnerships and business interests in Australia which takes him back to his hone nation throughout the year. The name of his rumored upcoming book or its release date is not known, but there is no doubt that cycling fans, especially the Aussie fans, would be very proud of that.

Cadel Lee Evans, in his hey-days, was a champion mountain biker. He won the in 1998 and 1999. At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, he was 7th in men’s cross-country mountain bike race. He is also a 4 time Olympian.

Adidas Launches New Cycling Range Adistar With Laura Trott

Adidas has long been a favorite of cyclists given its revolutionary kits and recently the iconic label has come up with new cycling range Adistar.

The new range was launched with reigning British double Olympic riding champ Laura Trott.

The legendary sportswear brand, which is famous for providing kit for all-conquering Molteni squad since the 1960s- has promised its iconic rich heritage along with style, performance & innovation with the latest launch. The Adistar clothing would be available in both women’s & men’s specific cuts; the aerodynamic racing outfit would be handy for anybody looking to cheat the wind.

The range would be available on Adidas site. Adistar covers both long & short sleeved jerseys, jacket, bib shorts, gloves 7 body suit for women. The shorts and jerseys are would be available black & white contrast.

As per statements from Adidas, the new Adistar range is designed with several technical and innovative features. The clothing has been made from “Dragzero” fabric with front full-covering zip for extra drag reduction.

Adistar shorts feature the same black & white contrast while full-black shorts are available as well. The shorts have been manufactured with carvico revolutional fabric that has been designed to ensure quality compression. According to Adidas, such high compression quotient will work to mitigate fatigue for the riders.

On further approach about the latest Adistar clothing, a senior official from the company stressed on jet fighting wing enthused trailing edges for the hems- which are perfectly flat and smooth to offer superior aerodynamics. He also informed of “raceplus” fit that makes the jerseys body-hugging while offering muscle supporting compressive fabric to aid in high pace racing. The experts, who tested the jersey, were hugely impressed with a perfect fit around torso & shoulders.

Steve Cummings eyeing Tour de France

The sizzling performance by Steve Cummings from the winner of stage is taking him to Tour de France which is largely due to the invitation of the summer of the MTN-Qhubeka team.

The Majorca Challenge went with the flow of the Wirral cycling in the initial season itself. Of the Majorca Challenge for the four days, Steve became victorious in the second stage.

The leg was of 150 km. The latest team was of South Africa for which he was riding when he was late in reaching Mirador d’Es Colomer. He snatched the victory from world number one Aljendaro and also from Davide Formolo. At the end he was able to come in the front and snatch the victory from the rest.

He is satisfied with the results which in a way is a boon for him. He was confident about his success and knew that his hard work would pay off. He also thanked the team for the hard work that they showered.

Mark Bell was the one whom he dedicated the win to as he was his mentor. Bell died in 2009. Cummings was also mentored by Merseysider. His good form would be continued in the MTN-Qhubeka hopefully and he was responsible for the good performance of Mark Cavendish when he won 2011 at the Road race. The first team to take part in the prestigious event will be MTN-Qhubeka. There are four other teams as well who has been invited to compete.

Cummings also has a silver medal from the Olympics which is yet another achievement for him. At the level of the World Tour as well he has recorded many wins under his name. The tour of Mediterranean in 2014 was also won by him which is a very significant event. As of now he has begun with his preparation.

Graeme Brown Signs Up With Drapac

Cycling hero Brown has reportedly signed up with Australian riding squad Drapac of late. He was previously one of the most notable members from the leading European cycling squads.

The riding veteran is surely a significant name for the rising Aussie team and it’s a huge step for him as well since his recent joining signified his prolonged 13 years of tie up with his previous Euro squads. He always had this long-term idea to run with Australian team Orica-GreenEDGE in Tour France.

The 35-year-old cycling icon is a 3-trime stage champ at Down Under Tour. His illustrious cycling career also boats 9 Grand Tour racing starts in Giro Italia & Vuelta Espana. The man has won 2 gold medals at Athens Olympics 2004. He originally became famous as one of the best of world-class sprinters.

Undoubtedly one of the most revered figurines of world cycling of all times, Brown had stirred controversy at times while he crossed daggers with eminent sprint rivals like Robbie McEwen. Brown joined up with Italian squad Panaria-Fiordo in the year 2002 & later on shifted to Dutch major Rabobank in the year 2006. A couple of years later, the man again shifted to Belkin. In recent times, Brown was a main leadout cyclist for the other sprinters in Belkin and Rabobank & he would play the same role in his new team.

“Post thirteen years of racing for the European teams, I am actually excited to commence a completely novel chapter with new squad”, remarked the veteran rider after the formal announcement of his new sign-up.

“Coming back & racing here (Australia) for some Aussie squad is something which I have always wished for & this great opportunity has arrived at just the ideal time. I am very much up to have great sprint & share the very experience with the young riders.”

Cadel Evans Plan To Retire In 2015

Tour de France winner Cadel Evans is the sole Australian clinching the title in 2011. When he was in Spain he stated that he will call it quits on 1st February 2015. According to him this is the time to call it quits as he cannot proceed further.

He had presumed it earlier that 40 is the time after which he will not be able to continue. It was the Giro d’Italia last year from where his performance began to decline.

He had focused special attention to the Giro d’ Italia but secured 8th place. He yearns for his family and wants to reach home and spend time with them. He has other things to do this year and wants to fulfil it all. He is going on a different direction altogether.

There are numerous factors responsible for the success and failure in the sport of cycling which are the equipment in which you ride and a host of other factors. When the rider call it quits they have to watch it from the sidelines. It is not easy to accept things and certainly not quitting.

He is seen as the greatest and toughest athlete in the world. He had been runner up in 2008 and 2009 and won in 2009 in the road world championship. For his team of BMC he is going to become the global leader. He did not want to leave the sport with second place under his name and that is the reason he wants to finish it off on a high. He has the credibility to prove all but he feels that the time has come to bid adieu to the sport of cycling. The consistency over the years has been his forte but he worked on that greatly with hard work.