Alessandro Petacchi – A specialist in sprinting

Born in Liguria, Alessandro Petacchi is one of the greatest professional cyclists from Italy. He has left his mark as a great sprinter, who knows how to handle his bicycle and leave his mark on the world of great cyclists.

His feat in the tracks includes winning 183 titles in the 18 years of his career and this ensures that he has beat many competitors and has seen many people leaving the track without any medals. He considers himself lucky when he sees all the medals and other decorations which adorns his shelves and walls. Though he was a very talented cyclist, he was not free from controversies and other factors which surround the legends.

In the year 2007, Alessandro Petacchi was disqualified from cycling as he was caught in the scandal of doping. This was a very traumatic experience for him and was a very turbulent time for him. As a great professional player, he had ensured that he left him mark in the world of cyclists.

This was the time when he did not have to work had to win titles and achieve success. The confidence which was instilled in him took him to the top of the charts automatically. Though a very talented cyclist, and had been tipped for the top by Unibet, he was banned from cycling in the year 2007.

The court passed a judgment which proved him to be free of all charges and this was a great boost to his career and offers his fans with great means of entertainment. He was one of the greatest sprinters the world has seen and his cycling skill has been a great mode of inspiration for many players both nationally and internationally. From one event to the next, Alessandro Petacchi has left his mark for the world to see and for other professionals to follow as a great example.