Armstrong Promises Open Confession

Lance Armstrong has promised to help UCI doping inquiry that is to be carried by a new 3-men panel. The disgraced rider has vowed to share open & honesty testimony.

Armstrong has agreed with the confession part even after conceding that the life ban imposed on him won’t be lessened for full confession. The infamous cycling legend confirmed his agreement to an open confession via Twitter.

Last November, Armstrong indicated that his participation into the inquiry would be determined on the basis of treatment meted out to him- he wanted to be treated like others concerning the inquiry.

Later on it emerged that the new 3-men panel UCI probe commission team would have the power to confer complete amnesty to those who aren’t convicted of doping offence. The news is that it would not be able to offer the same incentive to Armstrong & he won’t be permitted to compete in the triathlons.

Sources closer to the disgraced rider confirmed that lance has always declared to offer whatever support possible regarding the doping probes of UCI, no matter whether his ban was reduced or not. The only thing Lance wants is a comprehensive approach from the commission and not any witch hunt measure targeted at one or two individuals.
The new 3-men UCI probe panel comprises of a war-crime investigator, professor & a politician.

Confirming that the commission has already started on with its works, Brian Cookson stated-“This new commission has the responsibility to investigate the different problems faced by the cycling in the past years, specifically allegation pointing UCI as an involved member in the past wrongdoings.

Their work would be to find what went wrong in the sport as well as to introduce recommendations for a positive change to assure that the mistakes aren’t repeated again.”
Brian Cookson is the newly elected President of UCI.