Ben Cook’s cycling in Marin

Ben Cook, last weekend, took 2nd spot in state championship road race. While 2nd would be the best that many cyclists could expect for at a state race, the fourteen year old rider from Greenbrae has quite well – two times.

Earlier, Cook won state championship criterium in the thirteen to fourteen age group as well as the state championship time trial in thirteen and fourteen age group. This is not quite bad for someone who begun biking just two years ago.

Cook’s coach on Team Swift, Laura Charameda told that she could see from the beginning that he and the natural talent and ability. He is also a great teammate, a well spoken nice young man. While success in cycling has come very quick, it took some time for Cook to find something he preferred.

Growing up in Virginia, Ben never took part in a whole lot of sports and he was quite overweight. When he moved to Marin with his family two years ago, Ben started riding very casually. And after that he just fell into that.

For the next 6 – 7 months, he just rode with his friends and parents, without getting serious about it. Later he decided to race. His first race turned out to be 2012 state championship criterium in the 13 – 14 age group. He got 5th the last position on the podium. He told that he was not very sure how did these things happen. But he was sure that he wanted this to happen. Later he joined Team Swift where there were several riders of his age.