Cadel Evans Plan To Retire In 2015

Tour de France winner Cadel Evans is the sole Australian clinching the title in 2011. When he was in Spain he stated that he will call it quits on 1st February 2015. According to him this is the time to call it quits as he cannot proceed further.

He had presumed it earlier that 40 is the time after which he will not be able to continue. It was the Giro d’Italia last year from where his performance began to decline.

He had focused special attention to the Giro d’ Italia but secured 8th place. He yearns for his family and wants to reach home and spend time with them. He has other things to do this year and wants to fulfil it all. He is going on a different direction altogether.

There are numerous factors responsible for the success and failure in the sport of cycling which are the equipment in which you ride and a host of other factors. When the rider call it quits they have to watch it from the sidelines. It is not easy to accept things and certainly not quitting.

He is seen as the greatest and toughest athlete in the world. He had been runner up in 2008 and 2009 and won in 2009 in the road world championship. For his team of BMC he is going to become the global leader. He did not want to leave the sport with second place under his name and that is the reason he wants to finish it off on a high. He has the credibility to prove all but he feels that the time has come to bid adieu to the sport of cycling. The consistency over the years has been his forte but he worked on that greatly with hard work.