Contador Disappointed with UCI Time Trial Finish

Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador was never a man who shied away from the spotlight and after his declined performance at the UCI Road World Time Trial event, he made it clear to the journalists assembled at the event that he was disappointed with him, and would try to do better next time around. Having secured the overall victory at his home Grand Tour in the Vuelta a Espana, the Spaniard had at least a top three finish at the 45.7 km Elite Men time trial event that happened on Wednesday.

But the former Tour de France champion had to suffer disappointment in the end with his poor performance being just good enough for an overall finish in 9th. Tony Martin took the contest, a staggering 2 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of Alberto Contador and the Spaniard had no qualms in commending the performances that the German put out throughout the event, adding that if anyone deserved the win based on their performance, it was Martin.

Commenting about his own performance, the Spaniard admitted that even at the beginning, he wasn’t feeling much good. He mentioned that he could feel his legs deserting after just 8 or 9 kilometers of the race and that ruined his focus completely. He mentioned that the overtake by Tony Martin was the worst thing that could happen at that time, he added that he knew Martin would be going for the winning time and although he tried to keep pace with him, it just wasn’t possible in the end.

Alberto Contador mentioned that he knew the medal was out of his reach and he just wanted to be within touching distance of the German, but what panned out for him in the end cannot be put to words, with the 29 year old finishing long after the German.