Cyclists Grumble Over Rumble Strips In Central Otago

The year 2017 cyclist road toll for Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago was zero, but cyclists are worried their luck may change because rumble strips are rolled out along the edges of many Otago state highways.

The road cyclists Alistair Madill, who from Wanaka and Marie Roxburgh from Cromwell, say that the rumble strips present on the roads, make riding to the left ride more dangerous for those cyclists who are being left with no shoulder to ride on. According to them, cyclists are being forced minimum of 600mm into the carriage way, which creates possibilities for more conflict with the motorists riding on the open road.

However, the New Zealand Land Transport Agency (NZLTA) is unmoved. It is laying 650km rumble strips along the highways edges 6, 8, 8A, 83 and others. They are doing this as part of the national program of a $22.5 million, which are low-cost safety improvements to thirty regional state highways. In the year 2017, the national road toll was 380, and in this 18 were cyclists – and in the reported road death, 20 were in Otago, and none involved a cyclist in the Queenstown Lakes or Central Otago districts.

Nevertheless, a Canadian cycle tourist met an accident; he crashed and died in November on State Highway. It was just over the border of Otago in the Westland district near Haast Pass. The requested of the breakdown of the Otago district’s road toll statistics was asked by the authorities, but it was not available immediately.

Graeme Hall, the system manager of the NZ Transport Agency said, “The rumble strips as well as the part of the nationwide Safety Boost program are not primarily focused at cyclists. They would give a “wake-up call to drive if they stray across the line”.

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