David George banned for two years

The former Olympic cyclist of South Africa, David George, was banned from the international arena of cycling for two years. South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport has recently come up with their verdict which declared the ban on George.

David was a former teammate of Lance Armstrong in the U.S. Postal Service team and he was summoned by SAIDS to attain the disciplinary committee meeting. But he chose not to go there and instead he told the committee that he had taken the blood booster EPO and it should not be considered as doping. The chief executive of SAIDS, Khalid Galant, reported the incident and said they had no other option but to ban David George as he chose not to give any evidences.

Meanwhile, The USADA report charged Lance Armstrong with the intake of performance enhancing drugs and stripped him off of his seven Tour de France titles. They also deduced that Armstrong had committed the most “sophisticated” crime in the history of this sports industry. A number of teammates of Armstrong gave their testimonies against him and it led to show that Armstrong forced some of his teammates to take the banned drugs along with him.

So the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport had to take this matter very seriously and they came up with a tough decision. When asked about George’s version of the episode, Gallant claimed that he had accepted the intake of Erythropoietin. On the other hand, George himself said that cycling had always been a confusing place for him. He accepted that cycling has given him man good memories but at the same time he has gone through a number of rough phases which an athlete never wants to go through. George has to surrender all the prize money and competition points which he gained after 5th November.