Frank Schleck set for a comeback

It has been a year since Frank Schlock was banned by the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (ALAD). During the previous year tour de France in the 13th stage he was tested and the test proved positive. According to the tests diuretic and masking agent Xipamide was found in his body.

These substances are banned and players having it are considered to be doped. The Luxembourg cyclist opted out of the previous year tour de France when he was announced to be positive. But after his decision to quit the ongoing tour he never agreed on the fact that he took the illegal drug. He always assured that it must have entered in his body through the contaminated supplements. The ALAD banned the cyclist for only a single year instead of the regular two year ban. This decision was made just because the amount of the banned substance was pretty low.

The player is all set to return after the ban on 14th July. This means that the cyclist won’t be able to appear in this year’s Tour De France. He can get into professional racing only in Tour de Wallonie in Belgium. This tour starts on 20th of July. It will be interesting to see the way of comeback he makes after the ban. He was handed the ban on 30th January and since then he has been out of cycling since then.

The cyclist from Luxembourg took two stages in the famous Tour de France in 2006 and 2009. He has also taken stages in his home race the famous Tour de Luxembourg. The cyclist will make a comeback with his team RadioShack-Leopard. The team has stayed behind with their star cyclist during the bad times and it surely will be a great comeback for Frank and he is sure to make his fans happy with the comeback.