Michael Wright Proving To Be Obsessed With Cycling

Britain is hailed as a nation going crazy over cycling with the decision of beginning the Tour de France in Yorkshire. He suffered due to a disease two years ago. The Tour de France starting in Britain has tattered and weather beaten roads and lots of money has also been spent on it.

The country is going crazy so much so that it is estimated that 3.1 million riders ride a bike generally on the roads maximum number of times. According to him it was Bradley Wiggins who began the craze in Britain. Due to him the psyche of males has gone transformation and he has proved to be the tragic hero as stated by Aristotle. He is also hailed as the person to infect the others with this cycling disease. Wright suffered from being overweight, middle aged man but he had the urge to do something hence the disease also spread to him.

He was filled with awe when the farmer of sheep and his neighbour Gilles celebrated by buying a bicycle on his retirement day. The bicycle was a beautiful machine. In spite of living in the rural areas of France cycling was the natural sport that was prevalent there. It so happened that on one day who was a cycle rider suggested him to buy a bike which his uncle possessed. The moment he rode it he felt out of the world. After some time he took off to the roads by cycling with a 30 year old bike. The other competitors proved to be very hale and hearty so he felt like keeping up.

He urged for a bike similar to the one Gilles had. The industry of cycling in U.K is massive with its proper gears and everything in place. After that he got himself lot of accessories and clothing for cycling.