Shane Sutton, the head cycling coach of Great Britain had suggested that the decision of not riding in Tour de France by Geraint Thomas is not accepted.

This has not gone down well with Geraint Thomas, who feels that even though the Tour de France is a huge tour, it is second to the chance to compete in the London Olympics. Geraint Thomas, 25years of age, had decided to give the Tour de France a miss this year so that he could focus completely on winning the gold at the Olympics held in London this year. He has always wanted to win gold at the Olympics and now when he has the opportunity to win, he refuses to back down.

Geraint Thomas had helped Great Britain win old in the World Track Cycling Championships held in Melbourne this year. Geraint Thomas had won gold in the Beijing Olympics in the team pursuit and he wants to win this year as well and become the fourth Welsh to win gold multiple times at the Olympics. He said that since the beginning of the year his ultimate goal was the Olympic and he would not jeopardize it in any way.

Geraint Thomas believed that participating in the Tour de France would have made him split his loyalty and focus and it wouldn’t have been good for either of the competitions and hence he had to decide on giving the Tour a miss this season. The Olympics this time is more special because it will held In London and he wouldn’t miss out on it for anything. Had the Olympic been held somewhere else, he would have participated in the Tour de France as well.

Geraint Thomas said that the Olympics tam is all ready and mentally prepared for the games and everybody is hungry to win big at the Olympics because winning it in London would be special.