UCI Allow Nineteen international Teams

The International Cycling Union (UCI) officially announced that they will be allowing nineteen international teams to participate in the WorldTour, 2013. This news comes as a result of Katusha from Russia winning the case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the sport’s governing body, which had previously denied its WorldTour status.

Traditionally the UCI announces eighteen teams for each season, this year however Katusha’s appeal was rejected by the body stating Katusha didn’t meet certain ethical standards. This resulted in the Team appealing to CAS.

CAS made a statement on behalf of Team Katusha’s appeal stating that the grounds under which UCI’s body Independent Licence Commission had decided not to provide the Russian Team with WorldTour license weren’t strong. They thus considered the application of the Katusha staff demanding to be registered and recognized as a UCI ProTeam for the new season 2013 as valid, last Friday.

This was followed by the press release of the UCI addressing the above event stating UCI has announced to allow nineteen international registered teams for the world tour this season. The body further addressed the decision of the CAS on the 15th of February, 2013 which had allowed the Katusha Management SA to become as registered team under the UCI ProTeam.

The decision has come at a time, when several of the prestigious cycling race events are already finished with chalking out their line-ups like the RCS body for the Giro d’Italia which has already finalized their wildcard entry teams. Due to delay in the motion, Katusha isn’t one of teams to be selected. The WorldTour status also implies that the Giro must have a 23rd spot for a team in the race or pull back one of their wildcard entries, something which they won’t be yielding too.